Back in the Saddle

The Hawk flew the coup for a while on an extended holiday. That promised European trip for the family finally came true thanks to a few months trading Yen. So now its back to business.

So what am I excited about at the moment. Well I need to do a bit of catchup first but if we look to the markets we have some interesting movements. Oil for one is still worth tracking with OPEC promising to cap production yet again but one can never take that for granted. US election is looming and as a non American it has become more farcical to watch then ever.  I still in disbelief that Trump is the republican candidate and his debating skills IMHO are as good as his diplomacy (hint of sarcasm there). However the US election will have an impact on all markets so we need to keep a watchful eye on and not get caught out on the wrong side of over-exhuberance.

Central banks never go away and the great debate of when the US will next hike continues. I think all will remember back at the end of last year when FOMC bulls were looking at 3 or so hikes in 2016.

Stay tuned for updates.


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