Course Outline & Learning Outcomes

Course Overview Summary Learning Outcomes
FX Introduction & the Hawk Process The Hawk Process contains the building blocks for your FX trading success. Build your business & investment/trade process first, then win. Plus FX basics before we get started.
Currencies & MarketsWhich currency pairs to trade, when and why.
Risk & Capital ManagementWithout a Capital Management Plan, say goodbye to your money. It is so important we spend time ensuring you know how to preserve and build capital as practiced by professionals. Trade Plans for all market conditions are examined and utilised in Live trading situations.
The EdgeWhat you need to know to put you on the right side of the market by incorporating the four pillars into your trading
SentimentUnderstand how to analyse market sentiment in line with commercial players
Price ActionUnderstand price action and identification of important patterns as well as incorporation into the overall plan.
Fundamental AnalysisUnderstand how fundamentals are the real driving force behind the markets and how to prepare for market moving data
Technical AnalysisLearn how to read and setup charts properly as used by institutional traders
Trade StrategiesUp, down, sideways we will give you the strategies to profit from the market in all market conditions.
Order Types & Execution ControlUnderstand & learn the right order entry/exit techniques to minimise execution, price and adverse selection risk. Be able to confidently & competently place and exit trades.
Trading PyschologyUnderstand the human emotion behind trading and learn to control. Control of the mind and trigger finger will keep you in the market for the long term.
Correlation & Correlation TradingEver wonder why the price of oil & CAD move together? Learn to profit from correlations and which ones matter.
Performance ManagementLearn how to implement a performance management system for continual feedback & performance enhancement
Putting It All togetherTrade like a Professional and stay in the market for the long term. The Hawk will supervise your first Live trades
DisclaimersYour Money. Your Call. General Advice only - Mandatory Disclaimers given at beginning of every course.