1-2-1 FX Coaching

1-2-1 Coaching

Can't See the Wood thru the Trees!

Our One to One Coaching sessions are designed for your maximum benefit. At the start of each engagement we offer a free consultation to understand your exact requirements so we can develop a plan which we utilise from Day 1. Sessions can be on a 1-2-1 basis or as a Group.

During a typical session we may assess competencies, strategies, performance, trade psychology, risk management techniques and decision making skills to name a few as well as go over trade activity. After each session we provide strategic feedback and track your process against the learning outcomes established with you. Coaching sessions are usually performed in person or via skype.

Cost per hour USD$350.

Group Coaching sessions (max 10 persons) are designed to be both flexible and interactive dependent on the class structure. Typical sessions might include a review of your recent trade activity where individuals can learn from each other or special topics of interest. Block groups sessions can be tailored to your specific needs.

Please ask about cost structures for Group sessions.

Signature Coaching Packages

The Hawk & Dove Coaching Packages

The Hawk Forex Course is the complete Forex course (based on Institutional trading techniques) designed to teach you how to trade Foreign Exchange on a retail platform. The course includes a comprehensive presentation of over 200 pages as well as supporting videos delivered in person. The course is suitable for beginners through to more seasoned retail traders who may have not been successful/mildly successful in the past. Don't get as wrong though the course goes thru all the techniques you will ever need to be a successful trader/investor.
Your learning is important to us so the course is delivered in person over three days at your home/office, other agreed place or via skype. We like to coach face to face as this way we ensure you understand the fundamentals of trading and we can address any questions you may have directly. The course is taught in a workshop mode with "Live" accounts in order to be both collaborative and ensure your learning is robust.


  • What’s included in the Course Package:


    • One on One Tuition at Your Location for Three Days or via Skype (Skype sessions can be split into smaller sessions to suit)
    • Complete Review of All Course Material with the Hawk
    • Complete Chart Setup & Account setup if required
    • Live Account Trading Sessions
    • Access to the Members Area & Forum (Three months free when purchase the Dove Package; Six months free with Hawk Package - thereafter at significant discount) which includes Daily Trade Suggestions as well as all the Hawks actual trades (both Pending & Live) along with regular market updates which focus on actionable ideas and a wealth of other information. i.e. once you have done the course the focus is on trading.
    • Access to my Live Webinars(Three months when purchase the Dove Package; Six months with Hawk Package) - conducted at times of major economic announcements so there is a high probability of a trade being placed


    • One on One Coaching. Coaching is conducted for one hour once per fortnight (Three month duration when purchase the Dove Package; Six month duration with Hawk Package)
    • 24/7 Follow Up Support and Assistance via email/phone or skype depending on need
    • Access to the Members Area & Forum - ongoing after the intial free period at a signifcant discounted membership rate