Happy New Year

Happy New Year and wishing you great success in 2016.

Just read a few articles which noted that its extremely difficult to predict the returns for the next 12 months, so I won't. But what is important in todays markets is to remain nimble and not tie yourself down to any long lasting belief, other than markets are very fluid (even if a lack of liquidity - ho ho) and can change at the flip of a coin.

Here at Hawk we translate that to mean; don't be greedy and take gains when they present themselves. The new paradigm is smaller notionals, keep take profit levels reasonable and leave no room for hope. Be early into any runs and early out and we should do just fine. We can use the algo traders/trades to our advantage knowing that their moves generally build on each other until they break as they move further away from economic reality - the short squeeze will be the play of the year.

There is only one prediction I will make for 2016 and that is its going to be a great year for my clients and I as we weave our way through the investment maze. Good luck to all and happy trading in 2016.

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