The Hawk 5000pip challenge

Lets see how I have been going.

If you follow my twitter feed you will see that I am up +780 pips (realised) in the first two weeks of trading which is nice given the equity market meltdown.

The best trade to date was a Long euro/aussie which netted close to +320 pips. There has been no loss trades so far although my Long $ yen trade is currently -67 pips under. I have held this one open on the basis I dont believe China economics are as bad a shape that every one says. Sure growth is slowing but the economy is 10x larger then it was 10years ago. The issue as I see is the fixation on commodity prices however this was bound to happen as China move to a more services orientated economy.

If China data this week is off then I may get smashed - its a risky play given the last two weeks and we will monitor closely to limit any damage.

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