Well direction we were after and direction we got. USD has been on a runner since trump got in and pretty much everyone is jumping in on the trade given the hawkish stance of not just Trump but those that matter like the FOMC members. Doesnt hurt when retail numbers support so I will be looking to the utterances of Yellen and friends to see where going this year but lets face it we have been waiting all year and members like Fischer have been chomping at the bit. Think would be a fitting end to the year.

Wheres the hawk right now - well i went long at 108.33 and now have stop placed at 108.83 Pair is currently trading well over 109. Will be cautious around 111.07 if we slice thru 110 but objective is 114. 110 might be a hurdle but think there is to much momentum right now and should be a blip on the radar to travelling North.

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